Friday, December 01, 2006

Healthy Vegetable Soup

The story of Healthy Vegetable Soup

On a cold night,under the warm blanket ,in the cozy sofa ......... wait wait it is not a scene from a movie .I was wondering what to make for dinner.Then came the idea of soup ; result of watching food network.Recollecting some episodes and with the available ingredients in my fridge and pantry,i started on my version of vegetable soup.What next?.It was a hit.Happy to share it with all of you.


1 cup of all the veggies per head is the ratio i used.You can have your own selection/quantity of vegetables
  • shredded cabbage,cubed carrot,celery sticks,chopped onions,tomatoes(missing in pic),cilantro,tiny pasta(any kind,i used little macaroni)
  • Salt,pepper,turmeric powder
  • bay leaves (optional)
  • green chilis for extra spiciness (optional)
  • Chicken broth/chicken stock/vegetable stock ( or can use water too.if soup is too watery,dissolve some corn startch in water and add to it) Ratio 1 cup veggie = 2 1/2 cup broth. You can also mix-match water with broth for that 2 1/2 cups.
  • Beans (any kind)


Heat oil a soup pot/cooker,add onions fry till translucent.Then add in tomatoes and all veggies,peas/beans one by one sautaing each ,for a minute or so.Add SP(salt,pepper).Add in the chicken broth and simmer till the required consistency needed.It may take around 20 mins or more depending on the quantity you make.

hmm ... soup .... noodle soup ah! errrrr! no no no vegetable soup - Just remembered the episode from FRIENDS where Joey auditioned for Soup,but for every take he could only say hmm ........ Noodle Soup where he should actually say hmm ....Soup

Pic : hearty and healthy vegetable soup


Sanjana said...

Hi Rashmi

Soup looks very hot and tempting. Sure gonna try this one day as my kids all the time love to drink soups. Chk out a thread on low calorie soups here:

Sophie said...

We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)

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