Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy 60th Independence Day 2007 and 1 yr anniversary

Dear Samayalites and friends,

Happy 60th Independence Day.Hats of to ARR for marking this 60th Independence day with all the famous voices of India.Listen..


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Also,Websamayal's was born on August 8 2006.

My first posts Myself,Tomato-Onion-Corriander chutney


I am not so consistent and dedicated to blogging like the pioneers Indiraji,Ashaji,VCuisine's Viji.They are so committed and a word about Ashaji who cares to leave a comment always.Ashaji, i guess your day has more than 24 hours.I sometimes wonder how you get time to manage everything.Thanks to all of the samayalites(fellow bloggers),friends for your valuable comments which inspires me to do more and more.

This blog is my cooking scrap book which i share with all of you.

Eventhough,my camera is piled up with photos from tried out recipes,i am not being a active blogger for more than 6 months now.Lots of things happening, my passion for cooking is still with me,but not able to share with you all.Today i was determined to write this post and i did .

Not best shots but good shots.......
Baked Buffalo Wings

Shrimp Briyani

Paneer Burji

Grilled Chicken Legs

I will try to post the recipes soon.


Suganya said...

Blogging is a hobby, atleast for me.. So dont force yrself doing it.. Enjoy while you are at it.. Congrats on yr bloggy's first birthday :)

Dee said...

COngrats on your blog's first birthday!!! said...

Congratulations! I also agree about Ms.Ashaji's care in leaving us all encouraging comments. She is amazing. Nice of you to recognize her.


Asha said...

Enjoy your first anniversary!:))
My day has 48hrs!!! Nah! I am kidding! :D
I will be happy to comment and encourage everybody who likes to blog.Blogging is part of my life now,equally committed as I am to other parts of life which I manage very well.It takes times to blog, reply and comment but I will be happy to!:))
Blog when you can and keep in touch.I will be here always.Hugs.
Btw,those chicken dishes looks yum!
Happy 60th:)

Rashmi said...

I agree with you Suganya.Thanks for your wishes.

Thanks dee.

Yes Kanchana,Ashaji is a perfectionist.

Thanks Ashaji.Your visit always encourages us to move ahead.

Jeena said...

Hey Rashmi these recipes look delicious I bet you had great fun making them (and eating them :D ).

Rashmi said...

Thanks for visitng Jeena.

Yeah,they were delicious.We had fun making them too.

sagari said...

all photos look very yummy