Friday, August 11, 2006

Fish Names in Tamil

Fish Names in Tamil

Kilanga Meen - Whit fish
Kola Meen - Saw,Gar fish
Kerai-Yellowfin Tuna
Kendai-Indian goat fish ,carp
Kanawai-Cuttle fish
Kelluthi-Marine cat fish
Kanagnkelluthi-Indian Mackerell

Viral Meen - Butter fish,murrel
Vaalai-ribbon fish
Vavwall -Pomfret
Vanjaram Meen -King fish,Seer fish

Sankara Meen - Red Snapper
Seepu Thiratai-Spade fish
Seela/Sheela Meen -Barracuda.
Soorai-Little Tunny

Nethili Meen-Anchovies,maththi or chaala
Malabar trevally - Parai

Ooli meen-Barracuda
Oosi kanawai-Squid

Thera (variety of parai)-Leather skin
Thirukkai-Whip tail sting ray

Potha-lndian Halibut

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Puspha said...

WOw. Tatz a neat piece of info. Now, I've learnt a lot. Thanx a lot for sharing.

Rashmi said...

Good to know that it is helpful.

Anonymous said...

saw ur blog first time 2day.wonderful.
The picture snow on tree near my partment is too good.what r all the places one should visit in charlotte,north calrolina
what is salmon in tamil called.plz reply?

faaarin said...


few names are wrong. And corrected as follows....

Kanavai - is not cuttlefish
Kanavai - is Squid (cuttlefish is similar)

Butter Fish is different its not Viraal

We can use Murrel to Viraal meen But the correct name for Viraal is - Snakehead(fish) there are hundreds of verities in Snakehead(Viraal meen). You can see some images in the following site.
in these "Argus" and "Panaw" are available in tamilnadu.

Salmon fish is not available in India. So there is no tamil or indian name found.

Salmon fish is available in Atlantic & Pacific Ocean and in Big Lakes (especially in British colombia, Australia & Alaska)

It is a sweet water fish


TamilPonnu said...

thanks a lot!!!!

no more headaches and confusion.. when i go to the fish market.. whewwwwwww

N. Ramjee said...

Can you let me know the tamil Name for the Horseshoe crab/ King Crab?

tamil guy said...

Is Kilanga Meen called Whit Fish? I googled for it and couldnt find "whit fish". Is that the correct name or is it White Fish?

Anonymous said...

i heard ButterFish is "karapodi" in Tamil

Anonymous said...

excellent info. great to learn different varieties of fishes. thanks to the poster. hip hip hurray- seronpaul

Leslie Prabakar Ruphas V said...

Thanks for your translations...

Leslie V