Thursday, August 10, 2006

Taco Bell Wrap at Home

This wrap is one of the items in the menu for a Sunday Game Night.
Taco Bell-


Any wrap-from American stores.(i buy tomato-basil wrap which is more tastier than the plain ones)

  1. Onion-finely chopped
  2. Tomatoes-finely chopped(take out seeds if tomatoes are too juicy)
  3. Cilantro/Coriander leaves-finely chopped as needed
  4. Lime-just to squeeze
  5. Shredded chicken or substitute it with any beans(chick peas(konda kadalai)/kidney beans) to make it veggie wrap
  6. Mayonese,Honey Mustard dressings-just to spread on the wrap
  7. Cheese-any kind(i buy shredded Kraft cheddar)

Have all the items previously chopped near by.
  1. Heat a tava or pan,heat the wrap by turning both sides.
  2. Spread Mayonese all over the wrap followed by Honey Mustard.
  3. Approximately one inch away from the end,place the onions,tomatoes,chicken,cheese,cilantro,squeeze lime juice.

Now fold two sides of the wrap,then the end so that it covers all the filling.
Finally roll it over.

Voila ! yummy taco bell wrap is ready.

  • You can add any vegatable of your likeness.
  • Any kind of spreads or dressings
  • 2 wraps per adult is sufficient


shilpa said...

Welcome to the foodblogging world Rashmi. All the best to you. Hope to see more of Tamil recipes here :).

Rashmi said...

Thanks shilpa.

Anonymous said...

Easy Wrap