Friday, September 22, 2006

Food Experience : Bad Pizza ever had

Food Experience :- I decided to put this tag because i believe each one of us will surely have an unforgetable experience(good/bad) with food.Ofcourse life isnt always perfect.We have both good and bad.We learn from the bad and enjoy the good.

I would like to share an experience about the (bad) pizza i had(wait it is not home made.It was a delivery from pizza hut).

Here goes the story,Couple of weeks ago,i remember it was a thursday evening,I was loaded with work the whole day,no handy dosai maavu too in fridge.So i had planned for a take-out for dinner.When Murugesh came home from office,i asked him if he is ok with pizza for dinner.He said yes and left for his Golf practice.It was about 7 p.m.I did a little bit cleaning and as it was 7:30 ,i thought i would place the order for pizza.So as i dialed,some lady answered the phone,a kid shouting behind her,she asked me to hold for a sec(my thoughts were running, it dosen't look like an restuarant environment). Anyway i placed the order,i told my home address,told my home phone number,my apt no A as in Apple,she said it would take 45 mins.I said ok and hung up.

I recently read the book The World is Flat.A chapter in that book explains about out-sourcing jobs,say for example when you go to a drive thru and order,the phone call actual goes to another place where a housewife working from home would take the order and then transfer it to the restaurant and by the time your are near the pick-up window,your order is ready.I was amazed to read it.Back to my story,so i thought this too sounds similar to it.

It was already 8 p.m so i was ready with the money and waiting.M too came home from golfing and we were ready for dinner waiting for the delivery. It was 8:30 no pizza.So we called back, the same lady answered and said delivery is on its way.It was 9 p.m no sign of pizza.Both of us were hungry.Called back,they said the home was locked so the guy returned.Guess what they delivered to APT E instead of APT A they tried to reach us through phone but no answer blah blah....At last they said pizza will be delivered in 10 mins.

10 p.m we got the pizza 2 1/2 hrs after placing order.The delivery boy said the same story about APT E etc.I was so hungry that i gobbled 3 slices,didnt care even to re-heat it.I told Murugesh if somebody asked about bad pizza i would tell this story.

Share your food experinces.I tag Sudha-Samayal,Ironchef-Tastycooks,KK-Kitchenmate,Prema Sundar-My Cook Book,RP-My Workshop,Annita-My Treasure... My Pleasure,Archana-Spicyana ,Pavani-Cook's Hideout and others who would like to share.


Pavani said...

Hi Rashmi,
Thats really looks like poor customer service. I have one to share.. Will post about it soon. Thanks for tagging me..
Its nice to know abt your affiliation to Aurobindo and the Mother. I didnt know that is a meditation center in Boston. Really happy to know you..

Anitha said...

Hi Rashmi,

I jus came across your blog and noted your bad pizza Exp.. You can login to the pizza hut website and send a complaint. I too had a horrible experience with take out. I had asked them not to add mushrooms and inspite of me telling them they had added and the pizza wasnt hot..I immdly registered a complaint and guess what i got in return a coupon for a free large pizza...

Rashmi said...

Pavani,waiting for your experience.

Annita,thanks for the info.Will try to complaint.I doubt it becoz it is a month ago now and i dont have any recipts.