Sunday, September 24, 2006

Madurai Style Chicken Kuzhambu

Madurai Style Chicken Kuzhambu :-I call this kuzhambu Madurai style because it tastes similar to the kuzhambu we get along with paratha in Madurai.I got this recipe from my friend Kamala who is from Madurai.

  • Chicken with bones-1 pound (chicken with bones tastes better than boneless chicken)
  • For dry powder-kus kus 3/4 tsp,black peppercorns 1/2 tsp,fennel(sombu) 1/2 tsp,dry red chillis 3
  • Masala-Medium Onion,Tomato-1 roughly chopped,Green chillis -3,Garlic-3 pods,Ginger-1/2 inch
  • Coconut grated-4 tbsps
  • Seasoning-Cinnanom 1 stick,cardamon 3 pods
  • Salt-1 1/2 tbsps
  • Oil-4 tbsps
  • corriander leaves-4 stripes chopped
  • Clean chicken and marinate it with little salt,turmeric powder,chilli powder,Meat/chicken masala,lime juice
  • In a kadai without oil dry roast the powder ingrediants,transfer to blender and powder it
  • In the same kadai heat 1 tbsp oil ,add the masala items one by one and saute for 3 to 4 mins and then transfer it to the blender and grind it along with the already powdered dry ingrediants.Run the blender until all are well grinded.Afterwards add the coconut and once again run the blender.
  • Heat the cooker,add the rest oil followed by the seasonings,Now add the mixture from the blender and saute for 4 mins.Always the onion,tomato mixture tends to boil and spread around.Dont worry slightly close the cooker with lid so that you dont get a springler of masala around the cooker.
  • Add the chicken and mix it well with the masalas.Add salt.Put on the weight and cook for 4 whisltes.
  • After the pressure is released,add corriander leaves.
  • Serve with paratha,plain rice,briyani .
I personally like it because,it is very easy to prepare and tastes good.It takes around 45 mins for the whole process.

Madurai style Chicken Kuzhambu

paratha with chicken kuzhambu-Saturday Night Dinner

M has asked me to include his comments too-He said 'Supera Iruku'


Prema Sundar said...

Hi Rashmi,
Thanks for viisting my blog and for tagging me.I will surely play it.
Chicken kuzhambu looks like 'salna' which usually comes with parota.This is one of my favorites and I never forget to have this whenever I visit my native tirunelveli, Tuticorin. It is called set parota there.
Nijamavae Supera irukku.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashmi... looks simple and easy--anything made in pressure cooker I just love it--it has the extra aroma and taste:) will try for sure:)

tastycooks said...

photo supera eruku, sapitanum polla eruka.

Rashmi said...

Prema-Thanks! Yeah i remember salna and is my favourite too..

Priya-Thanks! Even i like dishes especially non-veg dishes made in pressure cooker.It adds more taste.

Thanks Tc.

Kribha said...

Hi Rashmi,
Thank you so much for the recipe. I tried it and turned out great. I have posted the final pictures in my blog. Please check it out at "".

Thanks again.

jacky said...

Hi Rashmi, i stumbled upon ur blog today.I did ur madurai style chicken kuzhambu today itself for lunch. My hubby appreciated me like anything. He ate well. The kuzhambu had everything that a chicken kuzhambu shd have! It taste really good.Very delicious recipe. It was easy making it also,as u said.Thank u for such a wonderful recipe. Jai.

jacky said...

Hi Rashmi u have a great blog too! I liked ur drop down box idea for all the types of recipes u r posting ..Its neat. Iam totally new to blogosphere and iam learning new things day by day.Pls do visit and my blog and give ur comments and ideas.Thank u

Anonymous said...

It turned out well. Thanks

Prabhakar said...

Hi Rashmi,

Many thanks for your mouth watering photo and receipe, I tried to recreate the same with adding some of my own ingradients and it turned out to be "Puliya paathu Poonai soodu potta kadhaiya". But, in the whole it turned out to be a refreshing change from our regular menu of Biriyani and fry. Once again thanks and look forward to take things in my control and prove my mettle.

sabari said...

hi rashmi,
it was just great. i was searching online on how to make chicken curry in a cooker. it was so yummy.. it was just like the salna and the chicken curry we get in madurai and tirunelveli and kutralam.... i poured and poured and poured and ate it.. all my roommates also liked it so much. its an ultimate recepie for bachelor's like me and its so easy.. thanks alot... looking forward for more stuff from u....

radus said...

excellent recipe, the whole process tokk 30 mins maximum, romba nanri

Anonymous said...

I am from Madurai too, this is what we prepare for last couple of years.

Tip from myside: Just let the curry to boil in slow flame for 20 to 30 min then you will start getting the chalna smell which we get from hotels.

Tip needed: Even though the above trick gives smell and little taste like hotel one, something is kind of missing. If anybody knows that ? please lets share with others

Akal's Saappadu said...

Hi, got a good collection of interesting recipes here.

the preparartion of this kozhi kozhambu is tempting! it looks delicious!

vinesh said...
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Ram said...

Great taste... Kudos!!!

I agree as anonymous said - just boil it after cooking for 7-8 mins in low flame, gives the flavour, and oil oozes out.

The missing thing i guess is - you could add 2-3 aniseeds while seasoning and while dry frying add two tsp full of fried dal (potu kadalai / pori kadalai) along with popp seeds etc., and initially marinate the chicken for couple hours in REFRIGERATION with chilli powder, turmeric, GG paste, very less of curd, and few drops of lime (not lemon).. and in the oil, before adding the blended paste, add the marinated chicken and saute for couple minutes to get the raw flavour out! break the bones if possible for delightful flavour.. :) Enjoy!!