Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MEME- About ME, ME and Only ME

Memories of Boston
Christmas Decorations in Downtown Boston

snow on tree near my apartment during 12'' snow

I am surprised : Aah!Even I got tagged.

I thank : TastyCooks and Annita of My Treasure...My Pleasure for tagging me

I wonder : how these blogs help us share our memories,wishes ...

I feel : i have many friends now

I dream : of driving in a long never ending road with green fields on either side,listening to melody songs,windows down,cool breeze coming in

I regret : the days i wake up late

I wish : i had my college days back(Oh! those days)

I want : everything to be in the right place(in the house)

I like : boston (my first city in US)

I am thinking : of working out daily

I expect : my first time recipes to turn out to be good

I moved : to Charlotte,NC

I tag Rp of My Workshop,Santi of www.santhiskitchen.com(Me and My Kitchen)

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