Friday, September 01, 2006

Instant tomato chutney/Thakali chutney

This week i am posting all easy dishes because last week was so hectic that all my instant dishes came in hand to put food on table.There is an old say in tamil like "naan peta inbam peruka iv vaiyakam" which means share your own joy with the world.Hoping that this might help someone ,someday,somewhere.A good varation for tomato/thakali lovers.

Here it goes,Instant tomato chutney/Thakali chutney

  • Tomatoes-2 big nice ripe only,finely chopped.(the finer the tomatoes are chopped,the quicker it is cooked.Tip to save time)
  • Powders-turmeric pwd 1/4 tsp,redchilli pwd 1/2 tsp,hing/Asafetida/kaayam(in tamil) 2 to 3 shakes/pinches
  • Seasoning-mustard/kaduku,curry leaves
  • Salt-to taste
Heat a pan,add oil,when it is heated add mustard,when it splutters add curry leaves.Now add the chopped tomatoes.Allow it to cook for 2 mins.Add all the powders and then cook for another 4 mins.Add salt.It normally takes within 10 minutes to make this chutney.Serve it with idli/dosai.

Instant tomato chutney/Thakali chutney-side for idli/dosai

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Rajesh Prabhu. R said...

It is nice... I used with rice it is also nice yar....